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Arizona Nuclear Medicine Technician Salary - AZ

Salaries for Nuclear Medicine Technologists in Arizona

There is no debate over the fact that nuclear medicine technologists have a major contributory role to play in the welfare and healthcare of patients. Because they use scientific and chemical imaging processes to examine and evaluate various areas of the body for the benefit of confirming or denying the onset of disease, nuclear medicine technologists in Arizona are decently compensated with an average annual salary of $59,000.

Overall, the field of medicine is one that continues to grow exponentially, and nuclear medicine shares in this large growth factor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in fact, recognizes the potential for a 16% increase in the need for qualified nuclear medicine technologists between now and the year 2018. As the median age of the general population continues to rise, the need for medical diagnostics will remain firm, and nuclear medicine technologists in Arizona are likely to see an increase in demand for their services.

It is worth mentioning, also, that your precise location in Arizona can often affect salary. For the most part, larger cities are more heavily populated and tend to have larger patient bases, which is why they are generally higher-paying areas for nuclear medicine technologists. To determine where you city lies, the list below lays out the average nuclear medicine technologist salary in Arizona by city:

  • Phoenix: $56,000
  • Tucson: $54,000
  • Glendale: $56,000
  • Mesa: $56,000

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