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Average Salary for a Personal Trainer in Arizona - AZ

Arizona Personal Trainer Salaries

Salaries in Arizona are just below the national average and salaries for personal trainers are just below the state average. The average Arizona personal trainer salary is $47,000 a year with salaries remaining fairly consistent from city to city.

According to, the following list shows the average Arizona personal trainer salary by major city:

- Chandler - $43,000
- Flagstaff - $48,000
- Glendale – $43,000
- Mesa – $43,000
- Peoria - $43,000
- Phoenix – $43,000
- Scottsdale – $43,000
- Surprise - $45,000
- Tempe – $43,000
- Tucson – $43,000
- Yuma - $49,000

Professional Associations

There is no single association for Arizona personal trainers. This is true in nearly every state with the activities usually taken on by a state or regional associations mostly being handled by a national association instead.

The AFAA that certifies fitness instructors and personal trainers also serves as their advocate and educator nationwide. They provide many of the same functions a traditional industry association would: preparing trainers for certification exams, offering career information and job boards, and offering continuing education and recertification workshops.

Arizona Personal Trainers in the Military

Arizona has three Air Force bases, one navy and two army bases and nearly 40,000 active military and reservists in the state. As soldiers and sailors tend to be fitness conscious, and many hope to stay in fighting shape even after they leave the military, personal training provides a great opportunity for r those seeking a career in training and fitness.  And, because these soldiers already have a strong foundation in wellness, one of the abbreviated certification courses may be ideal.

Veterans may also consider a longer educational program as the GI bill is available to help cover tuition at a four year or two year school.

There are also a number of benefits offered to support the military. The AFAA, for example, extends a 25% discount to workshops and certification programs to active military, veterans, and their family as long as coursework is completed on a military base. Those interested in pursuing certification courses through AFAA can call Lisa J. Hamlin, Director of International/Military Relations at (805) 988-5845 to learn more.

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