Pharmacy Technician Certification in Arizona - AZ | How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Arizona

Pharmacy Technician Certification in Arizona - AZ

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Arizona

  1. Be 18 years of age and of good moral character. 
  2. Graduate from high school or have a GED.  An educational background with classes in biology, physiology and math is helpful. 
  3. Have no felony convictions within five years of applying to become a pharmacy technician and no drug or pharmacy related felony convictions at any point. 

  4. Complete a pharmacy technician trainee application with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy.  The following must be included in this application:
    • Proof of US Citizenship
    • Proof of high school graduation or equivalent
    • $46.00 application fee
  1. Meet the requirements set by the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy for pharmacy technician trainees.  This includes becoming certified through an accredited program and pass board-qualifying exams.  In Arizona pharmacy technician certification through campus-based schools or online programs will satisfy the state pharmacy board’s requirements.  On-the-job training may also be required.  Check with employer to see if The National Pharmacy Technician Training Program is incorporated in your on-the-job training, as the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy accepts this training program. 
  2. Apply to become a certified pharmacy technician with the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy.  In Arizona, pharmacy technician certification eligibility is available after all the requirements for a technician trainee have been met, a board-approved training program has been completed, and a board-approved pharmacy technician exam has been passed. 
  3. Keep your pharmacy technician license and registration current with the Arizona Board of Pharmacy. 

 Advancement Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in Arizona

There is room for advancement in the pharmaceutical field.  Pharmacy technicians with significant training and job experience can be promoted to supervisory rolls and even mentor and train newer pharmacy technicians with less experience.  Some may also choose to pursue advancement into specialty positions and others still may move into sales.  Additional schooling or training may be required.  As is the case with most promotions and advancements, salary and benefits may increase based on position, experience and location. 

Professional Organizations for Pharmacy Technicians in the Arizona

There are currently no member-based professional organizations exclusively for pharmacy technicians in Arizona.  The following organizations assist and aid pharmacy technicians. 

  • Arizona State Board of Pharmacy – The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy protects the health and well being of the residents of Arizona by regulating the practice of pharmacy and the distribution of medication.  They also oversee the education and standards to which all practicing pharmacists and technicians are held and enforce license and registration regulations.   

Arizona State Board of Pharmacy
4425 W. Olive Ave. Ste 140
Glendale, AZ 85302-3844
(602) 771-2736 – Phone
(602) 771-2749 – Fax

  • Arizona Pharmacy Alliance - The Arizona Pharmacy Alliance is a members-only organization that strives to empower all pharmacy professionals in their commitment to providing quality patient care.  The alliance also serves as a valuable resource for providing continuing education opportunities, specifically an online law course which is required as part of a pharmacy technicians continuing education. 

Arizona Pharmacy Alliance
1845 East Southern Avenue
Tempe, Arizona 85282-5831
(480) 838-3385 - Phone
(480) 838-3557 – Fax