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Phlebotomist Pay in Arizona – AZ

According to, the average Arizona phlebotomist salary hovers between $28,000 and $30,000, depending on location (rural or urban). This is a bit higher than the national average, and may stem from the large retirement communities in southwestern states. The following examples of average phlebotomy salaries fall in line with that statistic.

  • Tucson - $29,000
  • Phoenix - $28,000
  • Flagstaff - $31,000
  • Scottsdale - $28,000
  • Tempe – $28,000

Arizona Phlebotomy Associations
There are no state associations for phlebotomy, but there are several national organizations that advocate for certification and licensure, adequate training, and continuing education.

National Phlebotomy Association – This organization is a non-profit national organization that advocates for adequate education and training as well as certification standards both nationally and on the state level.

American Phlebotomy Association – This group also advocates for the professional development of practicing phlebotomists and provides certification options and classes.

American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians – The oldest certifying agency for phlebotomists, this group offers certification options as well as continuing education and training opportunities, but it also promotes professionalism in the field.