Physician Assistant Programs in Arizona - AZ

Physician Assistant Program in Arizona - AZ

Pre-Educational Requirements for Physician Assistants in Arizona

Before becoming accepted into a Physicain Assistant program in Arizona degree, certain pre-educational requirements must be met. At least two years of college credits and a set minimum GPA must be accomplished prior to entering training for a degree. Previous medical training is another requirement that must be fulfilled before entering an accredited program. Acceptable forms of medical training include nursing and other emergency medicine technicians. Previous courses needed prior to entering a program include anatomy, social science, and organic chemistry. Medical terminology and basic pharmacology should also be taken prior to entering a program. Pre-educational requirements are essential in order to enter a program because Arizona’s acceptance ratio is low and difficult to accomplish.

Physician Assistant Programs in Arizona

After completing the pre-educational requirements, a accredited Physician Assistant programs in Arizona can be entered. Arizona currently has 2 accredited Physician Assistant programs that award a master’s degree upon graduation. The programs in Arizona hold very strict educational requirements and follow a strict curriculum that is essential for a graduate’s success in the medical profession. The curriculum includes detailed academic training, as well as multiple hours of supervised medical experience. Upon graduation of the accredited program, a Master’s of Science degree will be awarded. Once the degree is achieved, graduates can then take the National Certification Exam and apply for the state license.

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