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Surgical Technology Schools in Arizona

Arizona has a number of institutions, including colleges, technical and vocational schools and hospitals that offer education programs that provide training for a career in healthcare as a surgical technologist, often referred to as a surgical technician or operating room technician.

Programs offered through Arizona surgical technologist schools can take anywhere from nine months for a certification to two years for an associate degree to complete. The first phase of training includes general education and technical requirements. The core surgical technology courses and clinical experience constitute the second phase of training, where students are evaluated on skills. A typical surgical rotation is anywhere from two to five days weekly, with eight-hour shifts.

As part of the knowledge base needed, students in surgical technology educational programs leading to an associate’s degree can expect to take the following prerequisite courses: human anatomy and physiology; surgical technology; health care delivery; health care workplace behaviors; teamwork and communication as part of a healthcare organization; legal issues; CPR; and medical terminology.

Required courses that are part of the curriculum for surgical technology are pharmacology; basic client care; surgical asepsis, sterilization and disinfection; surgical instrumentation; basic surgical and operating procedures and practices; surgical terminology; pharmacology for surgical technology; and operating room practicum. Depending on the program, other courses that may be required are chemistry, computer systems, intercultural communication, technical writing, clinical pathophysiology, sociology, psychology and humanities. As mentioned previously, algebra and reading comprehension skills are evaluated as well.

Through campus or online programs, aspiring Surgical Techs in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa and Glendale, Arizona may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Arizona Heart Hospital, Arizona Regional Hospital, Banner Desert Medical Center and St. Joseph's Hospital.
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