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Professional Associations for Arizona Vet Techs

The professions of veterinarian and veterinary technician in Arizona have a unique association format. In most of the states, there are separate associations for veterinary technicians and veterinarians. This is reasonable as the two professions have a different focus for the association leaders and members. Arizona, however, has created an association for multiple staff members, all under the same umbrella. Veterinary technicians, veterinary technician assistants and other clinic staff are all eligible for membership to the same organization. The Veterinary Healthcare Team of Arizona ( serves the needs of all the support staff. The AZVMA (Arizona Veterinary Medical Association ( provides the VHCTAZ with administrative and office support. By having the two organizations working so closely together, it is easy to be aware of issues within both groups.

The Board members of VHCTAZ can be any staff person as long as they are a member of the organization. The primary focus of the VHCTAZ is to provide for its members:

  • CE opportunities
  • Encourage community service
  • Promote public/client education of the veterinary technology field
  • Support all related professions and to promote the importance of all team members.

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