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Become a Dental Assistant in Arkansas – AR

Dental assistants can perform basic duties without registering with the state, but must apply for a permit if they wish to perform “expanded duties” such as administer nitrous oxide or take x-rays. Most Arkansas dental assistant training is done while “on-the-job” but there are formal training programs that make one more marketable in this field. The primary focus of dental assistants in Arkansas is assisting with exams and procedures, while hygienists perform higher-level tasks and concentrate on cleaning and preventative care. There is a natural progression of professionals moving from front office work to dental assistance and then pursuing further education and licensure to become hygienists.

While there is not a designation for registered dental assistants in Arkansas, all dental assistants who perform dental radiography or coronal polishing, or administer/monitor nitrous oxide must obtain a permit from the Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners. These are considered “expanded duties.” Here are the steps to become a dental assistant in Arkansas.

How to Obtain a Permit for Radiography or Coronal Polishing

    1. Obtain the educational packet for Dental Assistant Registration from the State Board of Dental Examiners:
101 East Capitol Avenue, Suite 111
Little rock, Arkansas 72201
501-682-2085/[email protected]
  1. Complete the exam or checklist provided in the packet as overseen by the supervising dentist.
  2. Fill out Section A of the Registration for Dental Assistants form.
  3. Have the supervising dentist fill out and sign Section B of the Registration for Dental Assistants form.
  4. Submit the form to the office of the State Board.
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