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EKG Tech Salaries in Arkansas - AR

Arkansas EKG Tech Salaries

During 2009, the average EKG tech salaries in Arkansas ranged from $43,700 to $45,010. Although this is most definitely a substantial income, what is even more interesting is that some EKG techs in Arkansas were making between $61,300 and $70,940 a year, which are among the highest pay rates for this profession. Not only does a job as an EKG technician give you an important place in patient healthcare, it also provides you with a lucrative income over the life of your career.

One thing that will always affect salary figures for EKG technicians in Arkansas is supply and demand. Heart disease and stroke remain leading causes of death for Arkansas residents, and this means there is a definite need for professionals that can perform cardiac diagnostics. However, in 2009, there were only 450 EKG technicians statewide. So, it is likely that there are not enough EKG technicians in Arkansas to fill the increasing demand. Inevitably, the growing concern over heart disease and the lack of qualified EKG technicians in Arkansas makes this a great time to start a career in this field.

Geographic location is one of the factors that do impact how much EKG technicians can earn. Take a look at these annual salary figures for EKG technicians across Arkansas:

  • Jonesboro: $42,000
  • Little Rock: $50,070
  • Fayetteville: $43,620

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