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EKG Tech Schools in Arkansas - AR

EKG technology is one of the most important frontline defenses against heart disease, or at least at proactively diagnosing and monitoring patients with heart disease. In order to ensure that patients can get the best benefit from EKG technology, there must be qualified EKG technicians who are knowledgeable about the physiology and pathology of the heart, as well as how EKG technology measures electrical activity within the heart.

EKG tech schools in Arkansas are dedicated to developing the most knowledgeable, well-rounded EKG technicians for the betterment of public health. This is done with a comprehensive curriculum targeted not only towards EKG technology, but also towards phlebotomy and x-ray imaging. By combining these programs, EKG technicians in Arkansas develop a firm understanding of the heart and its pathologies, as well as the importance of patient healthcare.

Curriculum courses may include:

  • Clinical Hematology
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Electrocardiographic Interpretation

After completing a certificate or degree program, EKG technician training in Arkansas is done on an externship basis where students can learn to apply classroom skills to real-life cardiac clinical diagnostics:

  • Operation of a 12-lead EKG machine
  • Preparing and explain the procedure to patients
  • Interpreting EKG readings
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