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Healthcare Administration Program In Arkansas - AR

There are numerous educational options for students who are interested in a healthcare management degree in Arkansas, both at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels, including doctorate degrees.

As part of a healthcare administration program in Arkansas, students may be expected to take a health science core sequence, with courses in pathophysiology and medical terminology; administration of health programs; health education in a medical care setting; general psychology; statistics and biostatistics for public health; principals of macroeconomics and microeconomics; principles of accounting; human resource management; managing finance and capital; managing customers and markets; production management; health strategy for multicultural populations; epidemiology; contemporary health concerns for women; and technology as applied to health sciences.

Many programs offer graduate courses to prepare healthcare administrators for the changing demographics of Arkansas’s population. Health concerns of the aging process and services for the growing elderly population as a growing number of retirees move to Arkansas is to be considered. A study of the health issues of various ethnic groups and integrating Western health programs in a variety of cultures can also offer insight.

Many of today’s larger medical facilities are relying on complex and state-of-the-art technology to deliver services. More and more it is recommended that students gain a knowledge of strategic planning for health information systems, which covers concepts, models and managerial approaches, and surveys vertical integration, consolidation, strategic alliances, joint ventures, entrepreneurial start-ups and specialized niche technology networks for healthcare.

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