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Long Term Care Schools in Arkansas - AR

Some states are quite stringent in their degree requirements for long term care facilities. Long term care education in Arkansas provides a little more leeway for the student who may be exploring careers in long term care. One may possess an associate degree and still pursue licensure as a long term care administrator. As long as the coursework one takes in the associate degree program includes the state’s core requirements for long term care administrators (that is, coursework in accounting, management, personnel, writing, and resident care), an associate in any field plus one year of long term care experience is sufficient for state licensure. The state also recognizes bachelor degrees in health care administration, long term care administration, nursing, business or other fields, along with the requisite internship to provide experience. Of course, the more education one receives, the more likely it is that his or her pay will increase.

Schooling for long term care may be found in traditional settings or nontraditional, distance learning situations. Both programs must feature an internship, under state regulations, and this internship must be in a long term care facility to apply. Long term care facilities in Arkansas that might be available in which to do one’s internship include Heritage Square Nursing Center and Rehab, Montgomery County Nursing Home and Pinecrest Retirement Lodge.

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