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Medical Office Manager Salary in Arkansas – AR

Many factors influence the salary for a medical office manager. The educational background and years of experience in a managerial capacity will be considered. In addition, the type of practice (that is, the medical specialty), the size of the practice (the number of physicians and patients) or medical facility, and even the demographics of the community in general and the patients in particular who are served by the office or facility can all influence the salary of the office manager.

Arkansas ranks 39th in population in the U.S. with a total of approximately 3 million residents. The largest city, Little Rock, has approximately 200,000 residents, smaller than many of the larger cities in the United States. Therefore, one would expect the salaries for all occupations, including medical office managers, to be affected by these factors. However, as is the case with many smaller, more rural states, the cost of living in Arkansas is lower than the national average.

Average salaries for medical office managers in the top 10 most populous cities in Arkansas are listed below.

Little Rock:  $35,000
Fort Smith:  $38,000
Fayetteville:  $36,000
Springdale:  $36,000
Jonesboro:  $42,000
North Little Rock:  $35,000
Conway:  $35,000
Rogers:  $36,000
Pine Bluff:  $37,000
Hot Springs:  $36,000

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