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How to Become a Medical Technician in Arkansas

Becoming a Certified Medical Technician in Arkansas

If applicants for certification in Arkansas have not been able to access at least a 2-year clinical lab science or medical technology degree from an accredited college, there are several other options available to them through AMT:

  1. An applicant can complete a professional medical technology training program online or in Arkansas that is accredited and comparable to a 2-year degree. Applicant must be able to sit for the board exam.
  2. An applicant can complete at least 60 semester hours at one of the accredited Arkansas medical technician schools, and combine that with at least a half year of lab experience that has been supervised by a doctor.
  3. An applicant can complete a military training program that spans at least 50 weeks and is offered through a college (or whose credits are accepted by a college that can award a medical technology degree).
  4. An applicant can already hold a certificate as a medical technician from another state that uses a state-level board exam for licensure purposes. The AMT Board must determine if it, in fact, does meet the requirements for national certification.
  5. An applicant can already be certified in Arkansas in specialty areas that meet the requirements of the AMT. The AMT Board of Directors must determine if the certificates were earned by examination and meet the standards of AMT certification.

The ASCP also offers several different avenues for certification if an Arkansas applicant has not graduated from an accredited 2-year college-level program:

  1. 60 semester hours from an approved training program, with 12 hours of coursework in chemistry and biology, and:
    1. Successful completion of an accredited MLT program (within last 5 years).
    2. Certified Lab Assistant (CLA) certification from ASCP (not offered after 1982).
    3. Graduation from a fifty-week medical laboratory training program offered through the military.
    4. Three (3) years of clinical laboratory experience (full-time, over a ten-year period).

There is no state-required amount of continuing education required in the state of Arkansas. However, medical technicians must have national certification, and both certification agencies require continuing education for certificate renewal. Both ASCP and AMT require their Arkansas certificate holders to enroll in certificate maintenance programs (CMP in ASCP and CCP in AMT) that require specific amounts of continuing education points to be earned (36 for ASCP and 45 for AMT).

Through campus based and online programs, aspiring Medical Technicians in Little Rock, Fayetteville and Jonesboro, Arkansas may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including Arkansas Regional Medical Center, Saint Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, Baptist Health Medical Center, and White County Medical Center North.
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