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Medical Technologist Salaries in Arkansas

Medical Technologist Salary in Arkansas

Although certification is not required by law, earning national certification does prove professional competency and therefore helps job seekers secure gainful employment. Post-graduation, professionals should search for job opportunities in Arizona area medical and surgical hospitals which are the leading employers of medical technologists across the state. The other top medical technologist employers are physicians’ offices, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and dentists’ offices. Once employed, a medical technologist’s salary in Arkansas is generally determined by the level of education, years of work experience, internship involvement, and amount of engagement in continuing education activities.  National certification and current industry trends are also contributing factors.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced that medical technologists will experience a 12% increase in employment between 2008 and 2018 nationwide, which will open up jobs and promote competitive salaries. Geographical location also impact salary earning potentials. Typically job availability is more prominent in areas of higher population density. Yet, be advised that cities offering more job availability do not always offer higher salaries. Presently, medical technologists in Arkansas earn an average annual salary of $53,000. To illustrate salary diversification between regions, here are the salary averages to the five largest cities in Arizona:

Little Rock:  $46,000/yr
Fort Smith:  $48,000/yr
North Little Rock:  $46,000/yr
Fayetteville:  $47,000/yr
Jonesboro:  $54,000/yr

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