Midwife Salary in Arkansas - AR

Midwives' Salaries in Arkansas - AR

Arkansas Midwife Salary

In Arkansas, there are two paths that can be taken to become a midwife. The first is a program for lay midwives.  It involves apprenticeship training and licensing by exam from the state. Not all states allow lay midwives at this time, and many states do not allow midwives to assist in home births. As a midwife in Arkansas, you are allowed to do both. There are rules that govern your job under the authority of the Arkansas State health department. The other career path is that of Certified Nurse Midwife. The Certified Nurse-Midwife is able to practice in other states and usually has hospital privileges.

When the time comes, keep in mind that the midwife salary in Arkansas may vary from the Lay Midwife to the Certified Nurse-Midwife. Another consideration is transferability. If you choose to become a Nurse-Midwife and move out of Arkansas, you will likely have an easier time finding employment.

Midwives salaries in Arkansas will vary based on what kind of preparation they’ve received. A certified Nurse-Midwife salary is projected to start at $70,000 annually. Most people find work in clinics and hospitals around the larger cities in Arkansas including Huntsville, Mobile, Birmingham, and Montgomery. Facilities like Arkansas Regional Medical Center, and Saint Vincent Infirmary Medical Center in Little Rock, or the Baptist Health Medical Centers throughout Arkansas are good places to consider when seeking employment.

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