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Arkansas Pharmacy Tech Certificate – AR

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in Arkansas

In Arkansas, the best place for information is the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy (ASBP). Located in Little Rock, AR the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy works to improve and develop positive initiatives in public health, safety and welfare, creates interactive forums to discuss current pharmaceutical events and debates, and offers licenses while maintaining government regulations and disciplinary actions thereof. The ASBP also outlines the specific criteria necessary to register as a pharmacy technician in Arkansas.

To clarify, even though formal Arkansas pharmacy technician certification is not required in this state, a registration submission through the ASBP must be received before a pharmacy technician can legally work in AR. To register simply follow these steps:

-Request and submit a registration application through the ASBP. The registration fee is $111.25 and the application form can be accessed through the ASBP website.

-Applicants must have either a High School diploma or an equivalent education (GED).

-Since applicants must possess the moral character to succeed in this field, they must pass a federal and national criminal background check before acceptance is admitted.

In addition, the ASBP indicates that annual registration renewal is required in order to continue to work as a pharmacy technician in Arkansas.
501-682-0190 (phone)
501-682-0195 (fax)

Another great resource available to pharmacy technicians in Arkansas is the Arkansas Pharmacist Association (APA). Like the ASBP, the APA tackles Arkansas specific concerns and education for the field of pharmacy in such as areas as: government affairs, continuing education, consumer information/warnings, committee organizations, and current events/news.

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