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Physical Therapy Salary in Arkansas - AR

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average physical therapist salary in Arkansas is $74,310 annually. This means that the average hourly pay rate is about $35.73. Physical therapists generally have excellent employment opportunities, particularly in hospitals and skilled nursing areas. However, many opportunities are likely to arise in rural settings due to the many physical therapists looking for employment primarily in city environments. 

While Arkansas has a pretty large population of 2,831,900; there are only 1,640 physical therapists currently employed there, which is a relatively low number by comparison to the population. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment opportunities for physical therapists will rise by 30% within the next 8 years, potentially creating more than 400 new physical therapy positions.

In Arkansas, approximately 14% of residents are over the age of 65. As the elderly population ages and their risk of fall and fracture increases, there is a greater potential for diseases like arthritis among this demographic. Because physical therapists use therapeutic exercises and manual techniques to relieve the pain caused by arthritic conditions, this is one particular area where physical therapists in Arkansas might see a greater demand for their services.

Average salaries across Arkansas:

  • Little Rock:  $74,960
  • Fayetteville:  $72,510
  • Jonesboro:  $70,220
  • Fort Smith:  $76,910
  • Hot Springs:  $64,370

Salary figures are provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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