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How to Become a Radiology Tech in Arkansas - AR

Arkansas is one of 35 states that have a licensure process for radiologic technologists. Although they recognize certification and registration through The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), Arkansas also licenses radiologic technologists who are trained on the job through their own examination process, resulting in a Limited License that only allows practice in the areas certified by the Limited Scope Exam. Regardless of the process a student takes, certification and licensure is expected in this state.

To obtain a Limited License:

  1. Applicant must complete an on-the-job Arkansas radiology tech training program under the direct supervision of a licensed practitioner.
  2. A Temporary License, valid for six months, is granted after training is completed and while you are preparing for examination. A temporary license fee is $45 for a single category, and $65 for multiple categories, and is renewable for an additional six months for the same fee.
  3. Applicant must prepare for and take the Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography examination in however many categories desired. The fee for the Limited Scope exams is $100. Limited Scope exams are only administered in Pearson Professional Centers, which are located in Little Rock, Fort Smith and Texarkana.
  4. Once examinations in specific categories have been passed, a Limited License will be issued for every category. Licensees can only perform exams in the categories in which they have passed Limited Scope exams.

NOTE:  Temporary licenses are also issued to students who have completed an ARRT-approved educational program and have met the requirements for ARRT certification and registration but have not yet passed the ARRT Certification exam.
To obtain a Radiologic Technologist License:

  1. Applicants must complete a training program in radiology that meets the guidelines of the ARRT. There are several Arkansas radiology tech training program options, both campus-based as well as online.
  2. Graduates then must qualify for certification through ARRT by meeting the Equation for Excellence criteria, which includes Ethics, Education, and Examination. Applicants must prove that they have completed an appropriate education program, must show that they do not have a criminal record and have high ethical standards, and must pass the ARRT Primary certification exam.
  3. Prospective technologists must take the Primary certification exam to complete the certification requirements for ARRT.

NOTE:  After a period of employment, technologists may pursue specializations by accessing training and taking Post-primary certification exams in computer tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or mammography.

  1. Applicants must pay the ARRT Primary certification fee of $150.
  2. Once the exam is passed and certification is approved, radiologic technologists should register their certification with ARRT. Registration is an annual process. The cost of registration is included in initial certification, but renewal after the first year is $20.
  3. Finally, once the ARRT Primary exam has been passed, technologists must apply for a Registered Technologist License from the state of Arkansas. Forms are available on the Radiologic Technology Licensure Program’s website (

NOTE:  ARRT Primary certification exams must be completed within five (5) years of graduation from an approved educational program. Students also can only take the text three times in three years.
Technologists in Arkansas must earn six credit hours in continuing education every year and must report those hours during the annual license renewal process.

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