Respiratory Therapist Salary in Arkansas - AR

Respiratory Therapist Salary in Arkansas - AR

Arkansas Respiratory Therapy Salaries

Like every other position within the health care industry, Arkansas respiratory therapist available positions are expected to increase at a greater rate than the rest of the economy, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 19% increase in available positions for respiratory therapists by 2016.  An aging society such as ours requires greater numbers of health care professionals in general, and as air quality continues to decline there will be more and more people experiencing respiratory problems.  While Arkansas respiratory therapists are paid on average 5% less as compared to the national average, a much lower cost of living means that more of the money you do make will be disposable income, leading to a higher quality of life.

Within the state of Arkansas, the range of salaries is not regionally localized; the three highest salaried towns for respiratory therapist are all around the edges of the state.  Little Rock area, the most populous area of Arkansas, has the lowest average salary of all of areas in Arkansas.  The following represents the average Arkansas respiratory therapist salary by major city:

Arkansas:  $46,500.00
Conway:  $45,000.00
Dermot:  $53,000.00
El Dorado:  $40,000.00
Fayetteville:  $46,000.00
Fort Smith:  $49,000.00
Jonesboro:  $53,000.00
Little Rock:  $45,000.00
North Little Rock:  $45,000.00
Pine Bluff:  $46,000.00
Rogers:  $46,000.00
Springdale:  $46,000.00
Texarkana:  $44,000.00
West Memphis:  $47,000.00

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