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Diagnostic Sonographer Salary in Arkansas - AR

During 2009, the median ultrasound technician salary in Arkansas was about $52,180. Yet, at that time, there were only about 470 employed ultrasound technicians in Arkansas, which is about half of the workforce than most other states have.

According to the Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization Index, only 69.3% of women reported receiving adequate or excellent prenatal care, while the national objective for complete prenatal care is about 90%. With a lack of necessitated prenatal care, Arkansas ranks above the national average with 13.9% of all births being premature before 37 weeks’ gestation (compared with 7.6% nationally) and 9.1% of all births being under 5-1/2 pounds (compared with 5% nationally). One of the factors contributing to suboptimal prenatal care in Arkansas may be a lack of ultrasound technicians who can perform essential ultrasound studies during pregnancy.   

In general, recently graduated ultrasound technicians in Arkansas can expect to make between $12.70 and $20.59 an hour. However, in order for Arkansas to meet the 90% objective laid out by the Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization Index, it is clear that more than the current 470 ultrasound technicians are going to be need. This may give new graduates more leverage than they would otherwise have when negotiating beginning salary.

Ultrasound technician salaries throughout Arkansas:

  • Fayetteville: $65,260
  • Jonesboro: $55,000
  • Little Rock: $45,670

Salary figures provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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