Bachelor Degree in Public Health

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree will find that their education will take them down one of several different paths. The overall objective of this degree is to give students the skills, values, and knowledge to be integral forces in the public health care system, regardless of which area of public health they choose to specialize in. Some students choose to secure entry-level positions after the completion of this degree program, while other students use their degree as a stepping stone to graduate-level education.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree incorporates the complexities of the health care system, health care law, information systems, financial management, and human resources management. Recurrent changes within the health care system, such as with the HIPAA privacy laws and new regulations regarding the adoption of electronic health record systems, have not only made the public health care arena an interesting place in which to work, but also a complex one that requires professionals who are knowledgeable in all areas of health care.

Every type of hospital, health care system, medical practice group, government agency, research institute, and health care consulting firm needs qualified professionals who can help operate and manage the inflow of patients and their health care needs. Pursuing a bachelor’s in public health is a good way to begin your training in this dynamic field.

Public Health Schools

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