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Becoming a Dentist in Alabama - AL

Dentistry is a prestigious and well-respected medical career, on a par, in many ways, with that of medical doctors.  In fact, dentists frequently complete eight years of education beyond high school (though occasionally a person is admitted to dental school after only three years of college). Some dentists continue their education even beyond dental school, earning specialty degrees in any of nine approved areas which include pediatric dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and orthodontics.

How to become a dentist in Alabama?  A prospective dentist can get their bachelors degree at one of a number of schools in Alabama or online.  It is important to take rigorous science courses -- including chemistry, physics, and biology -- and to maintain a good grade point average. Demonstration of character is also a must, a the process becomes selective, at different points along the way. Students will later apply to graduate school, a process which includes an examination, administered by  .  After graduation, another exam is necessary for certification.  As candidates close in on the coveted title of  Doctor of Dental Medicine, they will apply for state licensure.

Once they have their credentials, Alabama dentists may want to become a member of the Alabama Dental Association and/or regional groups like the Birmingham District Dental Society.