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Becoming a Dentist in Arkansas - AR

A lot of people owe their smiles to dentists, having received years of specialized dental care even before they’ve reached their eighteenth birthday.  Other people owe their health to advances in the dental field.  Indeed, some dental specialists care for people with oral diseases or general diseases that affect the structure of the mouth. Dentists are highly trained professionals, who may specialize in a number of different disciplines including orthodontics, dental surgery, or oral and maxillofacial pathology.

How to become a dentist in Arkansas?  Dentists complete at least four years of dental school.  Usually dental school follows on the heel of a four year degree, though some dental schools combine BA level and postgraduate work, and allow students to apply after only a couple years of college, provided they have the prerequisites.  

Some dentists opt for more specialized training after dental school.  Prosthodontic specialists, for instance, have an additional three years of training after completing their dental degree.  This allows them to give care to people with missing teeth or maxillofacial issues, some of whom have serious illnesses which influence their dental needs. 

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