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Becoming a Dentist in Connecticut - CT

In Connecticut, dentists are licensed professionals actively involved in diagnosing and treating health conditions affecting the teeth and oral structures.  In this state licensing for dentists is regulated by the Connecticut Department of Health.

By learning how to become a dentist in Connecticut, you have taken the first step toward an exciting, integral career promoting dental health through prevention and maintenance. All dental students in Connecticut are required to complete a resident clinical training program, which must be at least one year in duration. During this resident program, you will work with top dentists in Colorado in a clinical environment to learn things like:

  • How to assess oral health conditions
  • How to perform oral surgeries
  • How to administer and monitor anesthesia
  • How to interpret radiographic x-rays

In Connecticut, several different examinations are also required before you can be considered eligible for a state license, including:

  • National Board of Dental Examiners’ examination
  • A Regional Board Examination (It is important to note here that the requirement for this examination can sometimes be waived in Connecticut through sufficient residency training.)

The great thing about deciding to pursue a career in dentistry in Connecticut is that the field is growing tremendously. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an expected increase of 16% between then and 2018. With this type of growth, dentists in Connecticut can expect to find many avenues of employment for their services.

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