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Becoming a Dentist in Indiana - IN

Those interested in knowing how to become a dentist in Indiana can look forward to joining one of the fastest growing fields of medicine. Research has shown that the health of a person’s smile has a tremendous impact on his or her sense of social well-being, as well as physical health. Not only do people want their teeth healthy, but they are concerned now more than ever about how their teeth look. That means that there is plenty of room for specialization and development in this profession.

The steps to becoming a dentist in Indiana are very similar to other states. The requirements include graduation from a dental college and some specific certifications. The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, Board of Dentistry has specific criteria to be met before a license if offered.

The applicant must be hold a current certification in Basic Life Support or Advanced Cardiac Life Support. They will take the Law Examination as well as the National Board Dental Clinical Examination, and pass with a minimum of a 75%. Applicants will apply for a Controlled Substance Registration as well as an Anesthesia and Sedation Permit. The License to practice dentistry in Indiana will be renewed every year that ends in an even number by March 1st.