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Becoming a Dentist in Kansas - KS

Becoming a dentist in Kansas requires several years of education and training. Most dentists graduate with a bachelor’s of science degree from a four-year institution prior to enrolling in a dental school. Admission to dental school is highly competitive, so students are encouraged to excel, especially in science and mathematics courses. Anyone who wants to practice dentistry in Kansas must go through a number of steps after graduating from dental school in order to be licensed by the state. This includes submitting a written application and proof of graduation from an accredited dental school that has been approved by the Kansas Dental Board. Dentists have to pass national board examinations, including a written exam and clinical exam. Other requirements include paying a fee for licensure, submitting a recent photograph, and taking a jurisprudence examination, which is based on the state’s Dental Practices Act. A letter of recommendation from licensed hygienist or dentist is also required.

The career of dentistry is expected to grow over the next several years. Some of the growth is due to the retirement of current dentists. Another growth factor has to do with the growing population at both ends of the age spectrum: Many schools are requiring proof of dental health exams at different age levels, similar to physical health exam requirements, so more children will need to be seen on a regular basis. The older age group will need dental care longer as people live longer and, due to better oral health care over their lifetime, still have their natural teeth.