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Becoming a Dentist in Massachusetts - MA

To become a dentist in Massachusetts, licensure by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry is mandatory. The following information must be submitted to:

Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry
239 Causeway Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 200
Boston, MA 02114

  • Completed application, which can be downloaded at
  • The application form must include signatures from two (2) licensed dentists familiar with the character and quality of the applicant. Immediate family members or close relatives may not be used to provide proof of character and the signatures do not have to be dentists who are licensed in Massachusetts.
  • Check or money order for $660.00, which includes a $300 application fee plus a $360 license fee.
  • Color passport-size photo (2” x 2”).
  • Original transcript with school seal indicating the date of graduation and the type of degree that was issued.
  • Results from the National Board Certification Part I and Part II, by either submitting a photocopy of a certificate or the original National Board Card issued by the ADA national board.
  • Proof of regional or state clinical examination. The State of Massachusetts also accepts the North East Regional Board (NERB) examination, and these scores are automatically sent monthly to the Board, so no further action is required on the part of the applicant.

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