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Becoming a Dentist in Missouri - MO

Learning how to become a dentist in Missouri involves learning about the education and training requirements set by the Missouri Division of Professional Regulation, Missouri Dental Board. This board is where all applications for licensure are they are responsible for establishing training requirements for Missouri’s dentists.

Missouri requires that applicants graduate from a dental college and pass the National Board Exam. Missouri also requires applicants be CPR and first aid certified. Other exams Missouri’s dentists will have to take include the Missouri state or regional Practical Exam and the jurisprudence examination, an open book exam about Missouri laws. The exam has only 50 questions and can be taken online.

Upon graduation, candidates will submit their application for licensure along with all required documents. Once the application is received and reviewed, applicants will be directed toward the jurisprudence examination.

The state of Missouri also requires all dental license applicants to pay current any outstanding income tax owed to the state before a license is granted. Additionally, applicants must have filed their income taxes appropriately for the 3 years preceding the application.

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