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Becoming a Dentist in Rhode Island - RI

The United States boasts the oldest dental association in the world: the American Dental Association.  The United States has high standards for this demanding profession, requiring a lengthy education and challenging board examinations.  Although there are exceptions, dentists, like medical doctors,  generally complete four years of postbaccaulareate education, and some go on to complete even more specialized training afterwards. This is important for competent practice in a field that involves not only disease prevention and diagnosis, but anesthesia and surgery, as well.

How to become a dentist in Rhode Island?  The process is very similar to that of the rest of the nation. It is good to begin preparation early by taking science courses such as anatomy, chemistry, and physics.  Some, but not all, dental schools require math classes all the way up to calculus.  It is important to get good grades overall in college, as the competition for dental school can be stiff.  Some students have the opportunity to choose a pre-dental major, but it is not necessary.  A student with strong academic skills may select dentistry as a career down the road, even after completing a BS or BA.  The Dental Admissions Test (DAT) is a part of the admissions process, whatever schools a prospective dental student is considering.  

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