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Become a Health Teacher in Kansas - KS

Health educator careers in Kansas encompass a broad array of opportunities and employment options.  The credentials required to succeed in each area will vary.  For example, you may pursue a career as a college professor specialized in teaching various topics of healthcare.  This position would require a master’s degree in health education with Kansas teacher certification. 

The various medical centers around the state, including Wesley Medical Center, Via Christ Regional Medical Center and Saint Francis Health Center employ health educators to educate patients and their families on various relevant health topics.  These facilities are also a venue for community based health education programs. For these positions in Kansas, a teacher certification is often not a requirement but relevant experience with the health topic is.

Regardless of what venue of health education you choose to focus on, the responsibilities are similar: Educate and promote a healthy lifestyle and inform the public on measures that can be taken to accomplish this.  In this modern society where a sedentary lifestyle is the norm and the availability and advertising for the consumption of fast food prevails, the position of the health educator in Kansas and across the nation is increasingly more important and in demand.

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