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Become a Health Teacher in New Jersey - NJ

Health educator careers in New Jersey can take many forms.  You might want to teach health and sexual education at a high school in Edison, or help patients interpret their diagnoses and care options at the Atlanticare Regional Medical Center. You might teach classes and train staff at the University Medical Center, or work with the government instituting campaigns to promote health awareness.

Regardless of where you decide to end up, in order to become a health educator in New Jersey you’ll need to start by enrolling in an appropriate school. If possible, take classes that emphasize the kind of training you’ll need in the kind of career you want to have. Likewise, take internship and externship opportunities that are in facilities and situations similar to where you want to work.

For an extra little edge on your resume, you might consider seeking accreditation from the National Commission of Health Education Credentialing as you approach your graduation. This isn’t a necessary step to work in New Jersey, but it does communicate to prospective employers how serious and dedicated you are.

Once you’ve graduated with your bachelors, you have a few options. Some people head straight to work, hoping to rise by merit and experience to the position they want. Others go straight back into school, to pursue a master’s program.  This allows them to enter the workforce with the highest level of training possible. Others try to do both at once, and get the best of both worlds. The route is completely up to you, though many mid-level, and nearly all high-level health education jobs in New Jersey, require a master’s degree.

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