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How to Become an Ultrasound Tech in Maryland – MD

To become an ultrasound technician in Maryland, formal education and training is a requirement to qualify for the national certification exams through ARDMS. Recognizing that most states do not license their technicians in this field, ARDMS has created 9 Prerequisite options so that most trained sonographers can meet the professional requirements needed to be eligible for certification. If a sonographer meets one of the 9 Prerequisites, they are considered eligible to take certification exams.

ARDMS has an online program called the Prerequisite and Requirements Eligibility Program (PREP) that matches an applicant’s training and experience with the Prerequisite option that comes closest to it. This program is available at

Once an applicant knows what prerequisite type they match up with, they can apply to take the national exam. To qualify for the exam, students must have 1) graduated from an accredited training program that consists of 24 months, 60 semester hours, or 84 quarter hours of classroom time plus a mandatory internship; 2) clinical experience with diagnostic cases in either an internship situation or in a supervised work environment that equals full-time work over a twelve-month period; and 3) the necessary documentation for both.

To register for the national exam, and thus for certification from ARMDS, a student should apply online at and submit the required documents. If the student is deemed eligible by ARDMS, an Examination-Confirmation Letter will be sent to them with information regarding testing locations in Maryland and available dates. The exams are administered by PearsonVUE, and every effort is made to schedule testing options near the student’s registered home address.

The exams are given by computers and preliminary scores are known by the applicant on the day of testing. ARDMS receives the scores from PearsonVUE and must review and verify them before they are considered official. Students who pass the examinations will be send a certificate and ID card in 4-6 weeks.

ARDMS certification and registration are both awarded for three years at a time. The renewal fee is $60. The continuing education requirement is 30 continuing medical education (CME) units every 3 years. Continuing education is recorded through ARDMS and random audits are conducted every year to reassure the agency that certified sonographers are regularly accessing training and education opportunities.

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