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Becoming a Lactation Consultant in Illinois – IL

Most students will seek education and training with the intention of eventually gaining lactation certification in Illinois. Although lactation consultants are not required by the state to get certified prior to employment, it is a great way to prove occupational proficiency on an internationally recognized scale. Also most employers in Illinois will prefer, if not expect, lactation consultant certification prior to hiring a lactation consultant.

To gain lactation consultant certification, health care professionals and students must meet eligibility requirements set forth by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). After lactation consultant education and training qualifications are met, the IBLCE will administer a competency examination. If successfully passed, certification is granted and the title of certified lactation consultant (CLC) is given.

To maintain certification, lactation consultants must complete at least seventy-five of continuing education recognition points (called CERPs) within five years of initial certification. All continuing education activities must be pre-approved by the IBLCE and be directly relevant to human lactation and breastfeeding. However, recertification via CERPs is not the only way to maintain certification. Lactation consultants can always opt to retake the certification examination and gain recertification once passed. The Northern Illinois Lactation Consultants Association (NILCA) is a great resource for lactation consultants looking for opportunities to earn CERPs in Illinois.

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