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Becoming a Lactation Consultant in New Hampshire – NH

The requirements for lactation consultant certification in New Hampshire can be met in relatively short time, often within two to three years. The steps to take will not only allow you to become a certified consultant they will also give you the confidence you need when working with mothers.

The main certifying organization currently most widely accepted is the International Board of Lactation Consultants Examiners (IBCLE). According to the IBCLE, you can choose one of three ways to receive a certification. All three paths will require education and/or clinical experience. If you do not have the necessary prior education and experience, the second path will be your likely choice. It has both academic and clinic components essential to taking the exam.

All first time applicants will need to complete the following in order to sit for the exam. These requirements meet the new expectations of the IBCLE:

  • 90 hours of training in breastfeeding/lactation in a client-contact setting
  • 8 general education courses focused on human science
  • 6 additional continuing education subjects that are typical of healthcare professionals such as CPR, safety in the work place, and ethics.
  • 300 supervised clinical hours with lactation/breastfeeding focus

Once you have completed the clinic hours and education, you may then apply for the board exam.

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