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Becoming a Lactation Consultant in North Carolina – NC

Persons who wish to become lactation consultants in North Carolina should follow the guidelines set by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE). These guidelines include coursework in general science, psychology, sociology, and other college-level courses. Specific classes include medical terminology, chemistry, infant growth and development, and public health.

In order to be eligible for lactation consultant certification in North Carolina, the IBLCE recommends a minimum of 80 hours in these and other subjects, which will be covered on the IBLCE exam. In addition, 45-90 hours of educational coursework in human lactation and breastfeeding and 300-1000 hours of clinical practice (depending on previous experience) must be completed prior to applying for the exam. Applicants will find books, websites, journals, and other study aids to be helpful in learning and reviewing all the information that will be covered on the exam.

The IBLCE also has an exam blueprint that can serve as a study guide for all the disciplines and subjects covered by the IBLCE certification exam. These subjects should be covered by coursework and/or practical experience. Although in North Carolina it is not necessary to be a licensed health care worker such as a nurse, midwife, or nutritionist, the background and experience inherent in these occupations serves as excellent training for lactation consultants to build upon.

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