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Becoming a Lactation Consultant in Ohio – OH

Ohio recognizes lactation consultant certification provided by The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.  The IBLCE offers an exam which tests the knowledge and experience for lactation consultants. In addition to the formal education and practical experience, lactation consultants must be able to work both independently and with the team of health care providers that work together to provide the best care possible for mothers and babies. Because of the personal and delicate nature of breastfeeding, lactation consultants must also be able to be gracious under pressure, as calming a nervous mother and a screaming baby can be a frustration to all involved. An overwhelming desire to help families is also a trait that helps lactation consultants serve their clients well.

Although not required, some lactation consultants in Ohio find it beneficial to have a background in nursing, nutrition, or midwifery. Jobs in certain hospitals or health centers may require other certifications, as lactation consultants serve a small proportion of the population at any given time. Therefore, many lactation consultants work part-time. Having a degree in nursing or other health-related field may increase the likelihood of employment, although going into private practice is also an option.

In general, a lactation consultant provides support and encouragement for the mother and baby while also promoting the benefits of breastfeeding to others on the health care team and in the community at large.

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