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Becoming a Lactation Consultant in Wisconsin – WI

To achieve a lactation consultant certification in Wisconsin, your first logical step would be to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE).  This is an internationally recognized organization and the passing of their certification exam will certify you to market yourself as a certified lactation consultant in Wisconsin and nationwide. 

To qualify for the certification exam there are required post secondary courses you must take and pass.  These courses include child development, psychology, sociology, nutrition and anatomy and physiology.  If you currently hold a degree, it is possible that some of these required courses were taken while you were seeking your degree that will qualify for the exam prerequisites. 

In addition to the required courses listed above, you must also complete a lactation management course.  There are a number of courses recommended by the IBLCE and referencing their website can assist you in locating a course that is convenient to Wisconsin.

Finally, to become a certified lactation consultant in Wisconsin you must acquire hands-on clinical training with breastfeeding mothers and babies.  Often it is beneficial to work under another lactation consultant as a mentor for a period of time.  This way you would first hand knowledge and experience of what it means to work in this field. 

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