How to Become a Midwife in Delaware | DE

Becoming a Midwife in Delaware – DE

In the state of Delaware, both direct-entry midwives and certified nurse-midwives are recognized. A certified nurse-midwife must first go to nursing school, then complete graduate education in midwifery. Direct-entry midwives, however, take a different route.

Here are the steps on how to become a midwife in Delaware:

  1. Complete an accredited midwife education program.
  2. Pass an examination to become either a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) from the North American Registry of Midwives or a Certified Midwife (CM) from the American College of Nurse-Midwives.
  3. Establish a collaborative agreement with a physician in Delaware who has obstetrical hospital privileges.
  4. Submit a sample contract between oneself and pregnant women outlining risks and complications and one’s scope of practice.

Once the state has verified your certification qualifications and received supporting documents, you will be issued a permit to work as a certified nurse-midwife or direct-entry midwife in Delaware (depending upon your education).  The career of either type of midwife can be very challenging but ultimately rewarding. Jobs for both types of midwives can be found throughout Delaware at clinics, health care facilities, outpatient facilities and attending home births. Wilmington, New Castle and Dover are just a few of the cities in Delaware that offer employment to direct-entry and nurse-midwives.

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