How to Become a Midwife in Iowa | IA

Becoming a Midwife in Iowa – IA

Becoming a midwife in Iowa involves obtaining the proper education and corresponding credentials to become licensed. Certified nurse-midwives fall under the category of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners according to the State Board of Nursing. Qualifications to obtain licensure include having a current RN license in Iowa or another state’s license recognized by the Iowa Board of Nursing; graduation from an accredited advanced program (master’s degree) that prepares students in the clinical specialty of midwifery; and certification by a national certifying body such as the AMCB (American Midwifery Certification Board).

Education for a certified nurse-midwife begins with a solid foundation in science and a heightened level of compassion. Courses such as anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, sociology, and psychology provide a good basis on which other courses can build. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing is probably the most direct and efficient way to become a certified nurse-midwife, as most midwifery programs require either an RN certification or a bachelor’s degree. Additional topics for midwifery will include focus on prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum issues. Most people think of childbirth when they consider the services of a certified nurse-midwife. However, nurse-midwives are considered to be primary care providers for the entire lifespan of a woman.

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