How to Become a Midwife in Oregon - OR

Becoming a Midwife in Oregon – OR

Are you interested in learning how to become a midwife in Oregon? Doing so includes a combination of education and practical experience. There are multiple entry points into the profession. If one is already a practicing nurse, he or she will want to look into a master’s level program in midwifery. Those just beginning their college careers may also find this to be the best option. Ultimately, aspiring nurse-midwives can expect to finish their education a couple years sooner than if they went to medical school.

Some people find direct entry midwifery a better option.  Oregon does not mandate licensure for such midwives.  Licensure is, however, highly recommended for several reasons.  Only licensed midwives (LDMs) are authorized to administer certain medications or use devices such as IVs that may be helpful in the birth process.  Furthermore, if a mother is looking for reimbursement for birth-associated medical costs through the Oregon Health Plan, a licensed midwife must assist her.

Certification as a direct entry midwife is a shorter path for some, but one still must demonstrate a high degree of professional knowledge.  This includes practical experience.  Before certification, a midwife must have participated in a total of 50 deliveries, 25 of them as an assistant, and must have completed a requisite number of prenatal and postnatal examinations.  Aspiring midwives in Oregon must also pass a certifying exam through NARM (National Association of Registered Midwives).

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