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Becoming a Midwife in South Carolina – SC

Are you interested in learning how to become a midwife in South Carolina?  It is an ongoing process, involving a good deal of education at the onset and supervised practice down the road. There are two types of midwife in South Carolina, and both are licensed by the state, while the American Midwifery Certification Board certifies nurse midwives.

Lay midwives, sometimes termed direct entry midwives, are supervised by the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.  While they don’t necessarily have the master’s level education that nurse midwives do, they are still highly trained. They must take a course of study approved by DHEC that includes an internship.  There are a number of study options, so a candidate can select the one that best meets her needs and belief system. Dar la Luz Midwifery Studies is an example of an accredited South Carolina based program that infuses scripture into midwifery studies.  Most other programs are secular.

After completing coursework, midwives in South Carolina work under supervision while completing case studies and preparing for peer review.  After meeting initial standards, they must still take continuing education (32 contact hours per renewal period).  The rewards are ample, though.  South Carolina views direct entry midwives as competent medical professionals, and for those eligible, medicaid reimbursement is granted for midwife care.

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