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Becoming a Midwife in Wisconsin – WI

Professionals interested in becoming a midwife in Wisconsin have the option to work either as a licensed midwife or as a licensed nurse-midwife. The difference is that nurse-midwives have received certification from the American College of Nurse-Midwives and nursing certification through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, making their area of expertise split between general nursing and midwifery. Licensed midwives in Wisconsin, on the other hand, are instructed to receive certification from the North American Registry of Nurse-Midwives, which makes their expertise more specific to midwifery practice and obstetrical and gynecologic care.

In order for midwives in Wisconsin to be eligible for certification from either the NARM or the ACNM, they need to complete the clinical preceptorship included with their post-secondary degree program. This places students directly into the field to learn midwifery skills. Students assist in home deliveries, labor coaching, newborn care consultation, lactation assistance, annual gynecological exams, and preconception clinical visits. Some midwifery students train through independent birthing facilities, while others attend to patients at home.

The combination of education, training, and certification prepares midwives to seek licensure from the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing. Once the license has been granted, they are required to renew it every even-number year for a renewal fee of $107.

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