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Biomedical Equipment Technician Training in New Jersey – NJ

The results of a survey in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ Spectrum MagNJine said that biomedical engineering was one of the fields of engineering with the highest job satisfaction. The field of biomedical engineering technology is also the field that attracts the most women of any engineering discipline, according to PRISM, the magNJine of the American Society for Engineering Education. With praise from such well-respected organizations, it’s no wonder that biomedical technician programs in New Jersey are in such high demand.

After training to become a biomedical equipment technician (BMET), the option of BMET certification may be presented to you. While not a mandatory requirement in New Jersey, some professionals opt to become certified, as it opens more doors for jobs. BMET certification involves taking an exam that is given twice yearly. For those who graduate and want to jump right into the career of biomedical engineering technology, that is also a viable option. There are many entry-level BMET opportunities available for non-certified candidates. Certification is a route that you can always take later, especially if you wish to advance within the field. Entry-level BMET jobs in New Jersey currently exist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, Ethicon Inc. in Somerville, and Quest Diagnostics in Teterboro (according to a search on

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