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Biomedical Equipment Technician Salaries in Arizona - AZ

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimated that there were approximately 16,000 biomedical engineering technicians employed in 2008 across the United States. This federal agency predicts national job growth in the biomedical engineering technician field of 20% or higher through the year 2018. The BLS also says that in Arizona, as of May 2009, there were approximately 950 biomedical engineering technicians.

The average biomedical technician salary in Arizona is $53,770, which is not far from the national average of $58,330. The Yuma metropolitan area has the highest concentration of biomedical engineering technicians within Arizona, with 260 of them making approximately $45,320 annually. This represents the fourth-highest concentration of biomedical engineer technicians of any metropolitan area in the United States.

Depending on many factors, including one’s educational level (associate vs. bachelor degree), whether or not one possesses a BMET certification, and the metropolitan area in which one works, the average salary for a biomedical engineering technician working in Arizona may vary. This is evident when we look at salary figures for biomedical engineering technicians working in some of Arizona’s larger metropolitan areas (courtesy of

  • Phoenix:  $52,000 to $58,000
  • Tucson:  $50,000 to $56,000
  • Glendale:  $52,000 to $58,000
  • Mesa:  $52,000 to $58,000
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