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Biomedical Equipment Technician Salaries in Missouri - MO

Biomedical engineering technology is an exciting career for those who are interested in medicine and electronics. Biomedical engineering technicians, or BMETs, maintain and repair medical equipment that is used in medical facilities, private clinics, and other medical settings. The U.S. Department of Labor says that the average salary nationally for BMETs in May 2009 was $58,330. The average biomedical engineer salary in Missouri is an almost identical figure, at $58,250. In May 2009, the Department of Labor reports, there were 600 such technicians working within Missouri.

If one looks for openings in the field of biomedical engineering/equipment technology in Missouri, one will be pleasantly surprised at the vast number of opportunities available. A current look at the classifieds (courtesy of turned up job availabilities at Saint Anthony’s Medical Center in St. Louis, Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Aramark in Columbia, Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics in Kansas City, and Missouri Baptist Medical Center in Fenton. Salaries tend to fluctuate based on which part of the state you work in, your educational background (associate vs. bachelor degree), your certification status, and your years of experience. The average Biomedical technician salaries in Missouri by is listed below by city:

  • Kansas City:  $40,000
  • St. Louis:  $47,000
  • Springfield:  $40,000
  • Independence:  $39,000
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