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Biomedical Equipment Technician Salaries in Tennessee - TN

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, biomedical equipment technician salaries in Tennessee average $37,660.  Across the state, the average income of BMETs in major metropolitan areas is:

  • Knoxville: $41,380
  • Nashville: $40,340
  • Memphis: $39,150

Renowned medical facilities like the Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Jackson-Madison County General Hospital employ practitioners in the biomedical equipment technician field in positions so they can apply their abilities on behalf of patient care.  BMETs can be involved in the technological aspects of health care both behind the scenes as well as onsite in hospitals and care centers.  Their expertise contributes greatly to not only the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of medical equipment, but also to its manufacture.  This includes diagnostic machinery like CAT scan, x-ray and ultrasound equipment as well as medical furniture such as beds and chairs. 

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of BMETs will increase by more than one-quarter (27%) by year 2018.  Primarily, this growth will be due to the surge in the number of older adults in America as well as to the increased longevity of their lives.  Moreover, private medical professionals will increasingly rely on advanced medical technologies to support their practice, and this will also require more BMETs who can develop, install and test these various kinds of machines.

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