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Biomedical Equipment Technician Salaries in Texas - TX

The Department of Labor reports the mean biomedical technician salary in Texas to be $44,950.  In comparison, the national average yearly income for this profession is $43,300.  Across Texas, BMET salaries in major areas are reported as:

  • Fort Worth: $47,100
  • Austin: $44,080
  • Dallas: $42,720
  • Houston: $42,560

BMETs in Texas can find career opportunities at well-known medical facilities like Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and the Baylor Medical Centers.  Their work enables them to support patients’ well-being not only through the installation and ongoing maintenance of advanced biomedical equipment, but also through the manufacture of such machinery in businesses that specialize in the development of medical equipment.

As more Americans age yet live longer, there will be an increased demand for BMETs.  For this reason, the number of practitioners in the field is anticipated to grow by 27% by 2018. Also, more private physicians are now relying on biomedical machinery to diagnose and to treat vision, dental and other health care specialties and thereby also contribute to this need for additional BMETs.  Both the heightened demand for professionals and the need to replace those who will retire will drive this projected surge.  Opportunities will abound particularly for those willing to work in rural settings where there are fewer qualified BMETs.

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