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Biomedical Equipment Technician School in Arizona – AZ

Biomedical engineering technicians, or BMETs, are a vital part of the allied health professional team. Most BMETs work in a clinical setting and diagnose and correct problems with complicated medical equipment. BMETs need at least a two-year, associate of applied science degree, but many employers prefer a four-year, biomedical engineering technology bachelor degree. This can be obtained at any of the biomedical technician schools in Arizona, which may be community colleges or private universities.

Courses one can expect to take in a BMET degree program in Arizona include classes covering the installation, inspection, repair and maintenance of medical and clinical equipment; engineering mechanics; physics; electronic circuit analysis; anatomy; physiology; biology and chemistry. You will graduate in two years with an associate of applied science degree or in four years with a bachelor degree, depending upon the program of biomedical engineering education you choose. Graduating from a BMET program will prepare you for professional certification, which is not necessary in the state of Arizona but is preferred by many employers. After graduation, you will be eligible to work as a BMET in places such as GE Technology Infrastructure in Tucson, Diversified Specialty Institutes in Avondale, and Fresenius Medical Care in Tucson.

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