Biomedical Technician Schools in California - CA

Biomedical Equipment Technician School in California – CA

The California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA) works with biomedical equipment/engineering technicians (BMETs) to promote, educate, and provide an information exchange for this community of health professionals. Mainly referred to as biomedical equipment technicians in California, BMETs help maintain the optimum performance of medical equipment in hospitals and other medical facilities across the state. This equipment includes everything from EKG equipment to blood pressure monitors, and intra aortic balloon pumps.

The first step to becoming a BMET is to attend one of the biomedical technician schools in California. A minimum of an associate degree is required to work as a BMET in California. BMET training programs are available at colleges, and private universities. Courses one will take in any BMET program, regardless of the degree being pursued, will be in computer science, standard electronics, biomedical engineering technology, anatomy and physiology. In addition, most schools in California have an internship requirement for future BMETs, where they get the chance to work in a cooperating health care facility, using the knowledge and skills they have learned in class. This helps to prepare BMETs for work in the real world after graduation. BMET certification is not required in California but is recommended for advancement opportunities within the field.

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